Member Registration

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Veterinarian - A veterinarian member must be a graduate of a veterinary college accredited by the AVMA or be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the State of Tennessee. The veterinarian must be a resident of Tennessee, or engaged in veterinary work within the state.
Non-Resident Member - Non-resident members are those veterinarians who reside and work outside of the State of Tennessee.
Student - Students enrolled in a college of veterinary medicine are eligible for membership.
Veterinarian Spouse - A veterinarian spouse member must meet all the qualifications for veterinarian membership and be married to another veterinarian who holds active membership in TVMA.
Allied Member - A non-veterinarian who works in an allied business that supplies products and services to the veterinary profession is eligible.
Academic - A faculty member who is a graduate veterinarian, employed by a Tennessee institution of higher education, and not in private practice is eligible.
Paraprofessional - A non-veterinarian who is employed to work in a veterinary hospital, clinic or other veterinary facility is eligible.
Life - Life membership shall be granted by the Executive Board, upon written application from the prospective life member to the Executive Director, to any active member in good standing who has attained the age of sixty-five (65) and who had maintained continuous membership in this Association for thirty-five (35) years or for twenty (20) years or more preceded by active membership in another state veterinary medical association for such a period of time that the total membership tenure shall be thirty-five (35) years.
Retired - To obtain classification of Retired member, veterinarians may apply by separate letter with the TVMA Executive Board for approval. Members who have been active members in good standing in a state veterinary association for more than twenty-five (25) years and who for good and sufficient reasons ceased active practice of veterinary medicine may apply.